Are there any opportunities for those living homeless to transition into the workforce?

This City has developed, and is well underway, to implement a pilot work program for transitioning individuals experiencing homelessness to re-enter the work force. This pilot program with foster four individuals to supported employment through job coaching and work experience. This pilot program is in collaboration between the City of Woodland and Yolo Community Care Continuum (YCCC), marking the first local employment project to reduce the vast number of individuals who are living homeless and support the national model to “End Homelessness”. The City of Woodland’s Community Services Department will train the YCCC Job Coach on park cleaning and beautification. The Job Coach will provide support and encouragement to the selected individuals in an effort to encourage consistency in attendance, motivate strong work ethic, and model necessary attributes to gain confidence for workforce re-entry. Supported employment will run the busy park months of March through June, three days a week, for up to 4 hours each day. Incentives will be offered for milestones of consistent attendance, stability on the job, and longevity. When the project shows success, after 16-weeks, participants could be interviewed for employment. Each participant will be given a reference for work completed and opportunity to attend a resume writing workshop. This project will greatly reduce the homelessness stigma while increasing community success.

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