What is the PIT Count?

PIT, the acronym for Point-In Time, is an unduplicated count on a single night of the people in a community who are experiencing homelessness. The count includes both sheltered and unsheltered populations. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires this count be conducted for communities that receive federal funding. This count is conducted the last week of January. Point-In Time counts are important because they establish the dimensions of the problem of homelessness and help local jurisdictions identify needs. Additionally, this count can inform the public and determine community patterns to better serve the target population. The most recent data collection for Yolo County was conducted on January 23, 2019. Each City used unique methodology according to specific geography and population variations. In Woodland, the count was conducted with the help of twenty one volunteers and employees from government and community agencies. The 2019 count was executed in a strategic manner to gather and report accurate data. The acquired information has been submitted to Yolo County Health and Human Service Agency for analysis. The County's final report, which will include each City's numbers, is available online by clicking the following link: https://www.cityofwoodland.org/DocumentCenter/View/4568/Yolo-County-Homeless-Count-2019 

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1. How many people are homeless in Woodland?
2. What is Woodland doing to solve the issue of homelessness?
3. What are the Police doing to enforce the laws regarding illegal camping and drug-related activity?
4. What are the City’s plans for people who spend their days at Freeman Park once the Park is closed for construction?
5. What are the best practices to helping those living homeless?
6. Is there a “silver bullet” to solving homelessness?
7. Do public costs associated with individuals and families who are homeless increase or decrease when housed?
8. Are there any opportunities for those living homeless to transition into the workforce?
9. What is the PIT Count?
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