Why does the Woodland Fire Department (WFD) respond to medical emergencies?

In California today, most, if not all, fire departments respond to medical emergencies as a standard of care. Fire Department response to medical emergencies is part of a strategic countywide emergency medical response system. Fire engines are geographically located to arrive to emergency medical incidents within 4 minutes of travel time from the station. The goal is 4 minutes 90% of the time. 

Medical transport ambulances are operated by American Medical Response (AMR) as part of their exclusive operating agreement within Yolo County. AMR provides advanced life support (ALS) and transport services, and are required to arrive within 8 minutes, 90% of the time. This standard means the WFD will arrive on-scene quicker than AMR in most cases to provide patient assessment, and begin basic life support services including CPR and early defibrillation, if needed, until the ambulance arrives.

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