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Free Business Recycling Bins

  1. Recycling Bins
  2. The City of Woodland is committed to helping local businesses become environmentally sustainable through waste reduction and recycling. We are offering free recycling bins, signage, waste assessments and training to you and your employees to help ensure recycling is successful and convenient. Woodland's goal of diverting 75% of its waste from going into landfills by 2020 is not possible without your help. Let's work together to help your business go green, save resources and money through recycling!
  3. Please select how many of the following items would you like delivered to your business?
    View an informational flyer with types of bins, lids, and signage available (PDF).
  4. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please indicate below. Or if you have a large business that would require more recycling bins, please indicate how many of each. Availability will be determined on a case by case basis.
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  6. Disclaimer: The City of Woodland is not responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen or broken bins. Bins are available at no cost while supplies last.
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