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Organics Exemption Form


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    1. Organics Exemption Form

      As of January 2022, all commercial entities (businesses and multi-family properties) are required to divert their organic waste from going to the landfill per the requirements of SB 1383. Businesses that are 

      • Sharing Waste Management services,
      • Composting at your property,
      • Self-hauling all organic waste, or
      • Using an alternative organics service besides Waste Management 

      may qualify for an exemption and must file an organics exemption form annually. 

      Businesses not participating due to space constraints or minimal generation (including those that use landscapers or food donation programs and have minimal organic waste remaining) will now need to apply for a Organics Waiver instead of an exemption form. 

    2. Organic waste includes the following materials

      Green waste: landscape trimmings, grass clippings, non-treated wood, saw dust, etc.
      Food waste: food scraps, produce, expired food, food byproducts, leftovers, plate scrapings, etc.
      Compostable paper: paper towels, paper plates, greasy pizza boxes, compostable bags/packaging, etc.

      These materials are prohibited from being placed in the trash. If your business generates these materials, proof of recycling these items must be provided in the annual exemption reporting.

      Note: To qualify for an organics exemption, green waste, food waste, and compostable paper must be included when self-hauling or using an alternative organics service.

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