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Woodland Police Department

  1. Civilian Complaint Form

    The Woodland Police Department realizes it must be responsive to input from the civilians in our community. The Department encourages... More…

  2. Contact A Woodland Police Department Recruiter

    Are you interested in learning more about joining the Woodland Police Department? Do you have questions? Provide us with your contact... More…

  3. Neighborhood Watch Interest Form

    Are you interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group for your neighborhood? Are you looking to find out if your neighborhood... More…

  4. Request for Street Closure
  5. Sound Amplification Permit Application
  6. Vacation House Check Request Form

    The Vacation House Check Request Form allows community members to request the police and the Volunteers in Policing to drive by and... More…

  7. Women's Self Defense One-Day Class Registration
  8. Woodland Youth Community Police Academy Registration
  9. You Are Not Alone Program (Y.A.N.A.) Request
  1. Commend an Employee
  2. Explorer Program Interest Form
  3. Request For Parking Citation Review
  4. Ride-Along Program Application
  5. Special Needs Alert Program (S.N.A.P.)

    The Woodland Police and Fire Departments Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) assists First Responders (Police and Fire) to be more... More…

  6. Volunteers in Policing Program Application
  7. Woodland Police Department Chief's Advisory Board

    Board member biography and questionnaire

  8. Woodland Youth Community Police Academy Registration 2022