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Volunteers in Policing Program Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Health Information
  3. 3. Employment and References
  4. 4. Drug Use Questionnaire
  5. 5. Personal History Information
  6. 6. Applicant Waiver
  7. 7. Authorization Forms
  8. 8. Commitment Form
  • Step One

    1. Woodland PD Patch (PNG)
    2. Volunteers in Policing (ViP) Program Application
      The Woodland Police Department appreciates your interest in the Volunteers in Policing Program. Since volunteers often work with police reports or other confidential documents, all applicants are required to complete the enclosed background and application forms. This will assist the Woodland Police Department in determining your suitability for the Volunteers in Policing program. The information you provide in the enclosed packet will be used in the investigation of your background in the program and will be kept confidential. After you have submitted your completed packet the information will be referred to the coordinator for verification. Providing you meet the background standards, the coordinator will attempt to match you based on availability, skills, abilities, and interests, as indicated on your application.
    3. Please complete the packet thoroughly and accurately. Keep in mind:
      1. The completion of all these forms is mandatory. 2. All statements are subject to verification. 3. Deliberate inaccuracies or incomplete statements may bar or remove you from acceptance and/or participating.
    4. Honesty Advisement*
      It is to your advantage to respond openly. Any negative factor in your background will be evaluated in terms of the circumstances and facts surrounding its occurrence. For example, being fired from a job or having an arrest record is not in itself grounds for disqualification. During the investigation, the investigator will inquire into the facts surrounding such an occurrence. An evaluation will then be made of the relevance of these facts to the requirements of the job.
      Please take a minute to prepare your digital documents. You will not be able to complete and submit this application without them. You will need to locate and scan the following documents in order to proceed with this online application. All documents submitted shall become a permanent entry as part of your application for the Volunteers in Policing Program.
    6. Required Documents for Application*
      Please check off the required documents once you have them scanned and ready to attach:
    7. Social Security Card*
      You will be required to provide the Volunteer Coordinator with a photocopy of your social security card in person at a later date during the application process. We are not requesting it be sent digitally to ensure property security measures. Do you have your original or photocopy of your social security card in your possession?
    8. Requirement of Live Scan Fingerprinting*
      Once you turn in the above listed forms along with the following application, it will be reviewed. If you pass the initial application phase, our Volunteer Coordinator, will contact you to schedule a LiveScan appointment for a Department of Justice fingerprint check. YOU DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR OWN FINGERPRINT APPOINTMENT – WE WILL FACILITATE THE SCHEDULING. We will contact you to schedule you fingerprint appointment.
    10. EX: 5' 6"
    11. EX: 180
    12. If none, please put N/A.
    13. If unknown, please list N/A.
    14. List any skills (i.e., typing, public speaking, telephones) you possess that would help us to place you in an appropriate volunteer position. If typing is listed, please indicate net words per minute:
    15. List computer software programs where you have experience:
    16. Availability to Volunteer
      Please complete all that apply:
      If you are having issues with uploading documents, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Morgan Snedeker, at or 530-661-7857.
    18. **REQUIRED** Please upload a clear scan of your Driver's License or ID Card.
    19. **REQUIRED** Please upload a PDF of your DMV Driving Record. NOTE: You can request and receive a copy online at The cost is minimal.
    20. Please list the year, make, model and color of your personal vehicle.
    21. **REQUIRED** Please upload a PDF of your current auto insurance.